Webinar: 2023 Startup Financing Trends

Kayti Mangels /  Mar. 30, 2023


OUP is pleased to invite you to our annual startup financing trends webinar. Join Anurag Agarwal, Ajay Rayasam, and Nabil Ullah of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to review the state of the venture funding landscape. We’ll cover current market behaviors across the entire startup ecosystem with a specific emphasis on university spinouts. Anurag Agarwal will outline trends in the life sciences, including biopharma, research tools, diagnostics, and medical devices while Ajay Rayasam will review the tech and physical sciences, ranging from software to climate tech. OUP leverages public sources and its own proprietary database of active university spinouts from its partner institutions to provide unique insights and perspectives for 2023 and beyond.

The webinar will include a deep dive on each of the following topics:

• State of Biotech Public Markets: IPO Trends and the Impact of Clinical Data
• Trends in Life Sciences Venture Funding
• State of Tech and Physical Sciences Public Markets: Valuations and Multiples
• Hype Cycles in Tech and Physical Sciences