Webinar: Ask a VC (2022)

In OUP’s third annual ‘Ask a VC’ webinar, our partner TTOs ask Managing Partners Marc Singer and Bill Harrington anything and everything as it pertains to venture capital operations, decision-making, and the current investing environment. The purpose of this webinar is to answer your questions on venture capital and startups. Query areas include: – What…

Webinar: Equity Compensation in University Startups

Equity compensation can be an opaque and awkward topic for first-time academic founders. Join us for a webinar that is an in-depth look at venture capital perspectives on the economics of university startup formation, particularly founders’ equity. OUP will review an analysis of the equity structures of over 90 startups combined with our collective insights…

Ask a VC: How to Approach a Deep Science VC

We spoke with our Tech Associate, Ajay Rayasam, and our Life Science Associate, Margalit Haber, for their perspectives on how best to initially interact with VCs. While some of their insights were similar, as with all individuals in the venture capital space, they did have differing opinions.

Interview with Janelle Molloy

A conversation with Janelle Molloy, Founder and CEO of Wild Dog Physics and former Director of Medical Physics in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Kentucky.

Solving the Equity Equation

Startup compensation is often an opaque and awkward topic for first-time academic founders. How much equity do I receive? My CEO? The PI(s)? Other co-founders? How will my choices affect future compensation?

Interview with Ka Yee Yeung

A conversation with Ka Yee Yeung, Co-founder and CEO of BioDepot LLC and Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Innovation at the University of Washington (UW) at Tacoma.

Interview with Theanne Schiros

A conversation with Theanne Schiros, Co-founder and CSO of Werewool and an Associate Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and a Research Scientist at Columbia University.