Webinar: Ask a VC (2022)

In OUP’s third annual ‘Ask a VC’ webinar, our partner TTOs ask Managing Partners Marc Singer and Bill Harrington anything and everything as it pertains to venture capital operations, decision-making, and the current investing environment. The purpose of this webinar is to answer your questions on venture capital and startups. Query areas include: – What…

Webinar: Equity Compensation in University Startups

Equity compensation can be an opaque and awkward topic for first-time academic founders. Join us for a webinar that is an in-depth look at venture capital perspectives on the economics of university startup formation, particularly founders’ equity. OUP will review an analysis of the equity structures of over 90 startups combined with our collective insights…

Solving the Equity Equation

Startup compensation is often an opaque and awkward topic for first-time academic founders. How much equity do I receive? My CEO? The PI(s)? Other co-founders? How will my choices affect future compensation?

Diving into Academic EIR/MIR Programs: Caltech and Johns Hopkins

In early 2022, OUP hosted a webinar on EIR/MIR Programs at Universities. Due to the overwhelming interest in the topic, we wanted to highlight two additional programs to offer perspectives from other universities. We spoke with Case Cortese, Director for Innovation, New Ventures & Entrepreneurship, to discuss Caltech’s entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) program, and Mark VanderZyl, Associate…

Webinar: EIR / MIR Programs at Universities

This webinar covers how three universities share information on their EIR/MIR programs. Topics covered will include how they source these elusive entrepreneurs, the mechanics of managing their programs, and how these programs have set up their startups for success.

Webinar: Friends & Family Funding for University Startups

For startups in their earliest stages, friends & family is one of the common forms of startup funding out there. This is often the best chance to secure money to launch your startup. But what does it really mean to accept capital from friends & family for your startup? How does it impact your cap table, and what are the implications for later rounds raised from VCs and other institutional investors?

TTO Strategic Communication Tactics with VCs

As a VC firm partnered with over 100 universities, we get the question from Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs) all the time — how can we best communicate with VCs? While investors have directed more attention to universities for deal flow in recent years (see bar graph below), most VCs don’t have a singular focus on…

Webinar: Angel & Accelerator Funding for University Startups

Join OUP for a webinar discussing models, structures, and best practices in raising pre-seed and seed funding for university startup companies from angels and accelerators. Our panel of experts will review their own models, which are distinct from each other in both the areas in which they invest as well as the additional value they provide. Other topics covered will include raising pre-seed and seed amounts, timing and structures for the raises, how to meet with these types of investors, the roles potentially played by these investors with the startups, and much more.