Webinar: Startup Financing Trends – 2022

Join Manny Stockman and Mitra Miri of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to understand current market behaviors among startups generally and in the university startup ecosystem. OUP draws on its own database of active startup companies from its partner institutions to provide insights total capital and types of capital raised…

Webinar: 2021 Midyear Startup Financing Trends

Join Manny Stockman and Margalit Haber of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to understand current market behaviors among startups. This year, we will again discuss general venture activity and investment trends specific to OUP’s university startup network. The panelists will also include a retrospective look at the impact COVID-19 has had on investing trends to date.

Webinar: Life Science Term Sheets

Over the past year, tech transfer directors from Columbia, Duke, JHU, Penn, MIT, Stanford, and Yale worked with life science VCs from 5AM, Atlas, Polaris, OUP, RA Capital, and Venrock to create a common set of principles for university startup deal negotiations. These principles were captured in two documents: “Recommendations for Term Sheet Structuring”, covering equity, royalties, milestones, sublicensing, know-how royalties, diligence, and other recommendations for creating win-win outcomes; and “Recommendations for Process Improvements”, with recommendations for structuring the negotiation process itself to avoid unnecessary friction, gain buy-in early, and avoid overly long and painful negotiations.

Webinar: Life Science Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate VCs have played a crucial role in financing life sciences companies for decades, but have you ever wondered what, if anything, makes them different from institutional venture capital funds? Join us for this webinar as we talk to a panel of investors at industry-leading CVC funds to learn more about their strategies, investment criteria, and how they measure success.

Biostar Biotech: Various Cap Table Scenarios for a Hypothetical Biotech Startup

Osage University Partners’ (OUP) Manager Partner Bill Harrington walks through various cap table scenarios of a hypothetical biotech university startup company called ‘Biostar Biotech.’

Bill highlights three different possible financial outcomes for this company’s investors and equity stakeholders, including a successful exit, a down round, and a company failure. A payout waterfall will be analyzed for each scenario, ending with a side-by-side returns comparison.

2018 VC & University Startup Financing Trends

We’re almost halfway through 2018, which means we at Osage University Partners (OUP) again hosted our annual financing trends webinar (last year’s recap). For the 2018 version, our investment team analyzed not only general VC investment trends, but also trends specific to our partner university network of 5,000+ startups. I should mention this blog post only pulls…

What’s the Pulse on 2017 Midyear VC Investment?

Every few weeks, Osage University Partners hosts a webinar that dives into a specific technology sector with the intention of helping the technology commercialization professionals at our partner institutions better understand current market behaviors. We realize, however, that financing trends can dramatically shift in only one quarter. We’re past the midyear mark in 2017 and…

A Brief History of University Startup Exits

Cutting-edge research? Experienced leadership running a team of sharp 20-somethings? Core technology and science addressing established problems in a hard sector (with millions of dollars in non-dilutive grant funds)? Most startups would be lucky to check the boxes on these questions. But in the world of university startups, doing so is the minimum exit velocity…