Our Mission

We provide capital and support to spinouts that are commercializing the most exciting and groundbreaking scientific innovations emerging from the world’s greatest research institutions.

Our Approach

Since 2009, OUP has exclusively invested in startups spun out of university research.

Through a close relationship with the Technology Transfer Offices of 100 universities, we’ve backed 135 of the best and most exciting companies based on university research.

Our years of experience and singular focus on deep technology and science-based startups uniquely position OUP as a preferred partner for entrepreneurs, scientists, and students. We have approximately $800M under management and we are currently investing out of our fourth fund launched in 2023.

Partner With Us

How We Help

Transitioning technology to the market is hard, and our goal is to help startups benefit from the lessons we have learned in watching over 10,000 university spinouts succeed and fail.
  • Domain Expertise

    Our team has broad knowledge in deep technologies gained from backing 125+ startups founded by academics and researchers.
  • Dedication

    We are exclusively focused on university startups and get involved early on, even before investing. Our steadfast university presence and consistent meetings with TTOs, PIs, and students on campus provides a unique perspective into nascent commercialization efforts.
  • Connections

    We are uniquely positioned at the nexus between university innovation and the venture capital ecosystem. We introduce promising startups to potential investors, hires, co-founders, customers, strategic partners, and complementary in-licensing technologies.
  • Company-Focused

    We work for our companies — not vice versa. Their priorities come first, and we are their partners in success.
  • Turning Technology Into Product

    University startups start with great technology and often struggle to find its optimal product application. We have lots of experience — and battle scars — converting technology into market-winning products that we can apply to our portfolio companies.
  • Tech Transfer Expertise

    We bring unmatched expertise navigating the university entrepreneurial ecosystems, and building the foundational team and strategy to commercialize laboratory discoveries and innovation.

Diversity + Inclusivity

We are committed to a work environment where differences in perspective and background are seen as adding value and are illustrative of the diverse academic community in which we operate.

We strive to attract, invest in, and develop the talents of people of diverse backgrounds. We believe that enhanced business relationships, greater innovation, increased productivity, and better decision-making result from the diverse and inclusive culture we seek to foster.

Meet The Team

Established in 2009 by experienced investors, OUP has brought together a team of VCs, scientists, and operators to help establish a firm with a passion to see cutting edge science and technology reach the market.
Our Team