Webinar: Venture Investment in Healthcare IT Startups

In 2014 venture funding in healthcare IT shattered records, surpassing $4.1 billion, followed by an equally impressive performance in 2015 with $4.5 billion invested in the sector. While investment in digital healthcare cooled slightly in 2016 compared to previous record highs, investment in the sector remains significant with $4.3 billion invested in 2016. It’s a diverse, emerging sector with a barrage of startups competing in a broad marketplace to improve healthcare delivery as the nation’s $3 trillion healthcare delivery system gradually transitions from volume-based to value-based care.

Who are the Founders of University Spinouts?

Venture capitalists place considerable emphasis on founding teams. As VCs, we think a lot about what personality types, backgrounds, and skills to look for in a solid company founder. Some of the most important traits are qualitative. For example, we often talk about how CEOs should be excellent listeners. We look for traits like curiosity,…