Webinar: The Open-Source Business Model for University Software Startups

Academics looking to maximize the impact of their research shouldn’t consider commercialization a Faustian bargain, trading open publication and monetary returns. Open-source software can be a successful strategy towards both impact and income.

Join David Dorsey and John Lee of Osage University Partners as they discuss why open source provides substantial advantages for software startups and why it has become the de facto method for deploying and commercializing software.

Webinar: Understanding Equity Economics as the Startup Grows

Columbia Technology Ventures (CTV) and venture investors Osage University Partners (OUP) invite you to join a seminar on the following topic: “Understanding the real economics of university startup formation.”

OUP principal John Lee will take you step-by-step through the life of a company, illustrating the different types equity, the pros and cons of each equity type depending on different company outcomes, and the economic effect this has on founders’ shares. Data will be presented to support the conversation around founders’ equity, the right allocation between faculty vs. post docs vs. grad students, and how much equity one needs to give away to attract and keep your top talent.

Listen Up Startups, The Federal Government Is Giving You Money

In 1981, as part of the Economic Recovery Tax Act, Congress enacted a federal R&D tax credit to encourage investment into software and technology. The credit today remains one of the largest incentives for businesses in the US. Historically, the credit was only applicable to deductions in income tax, which made it challenging for startups…

The Academic Spinout Flywheel

Over the last 5 years, the pace of startup creation at universities has greatly accelerated, increasing the number of new spinouts a year by over 50%. In 2014, 914 startups spun out of university research labs across the US; by comparison, only 553 university startups were created in 2006. For a number of reasons in…