Webinar: Friends & Family Funding for University Startups

For startups in their earliest stages, friends & family is one of the common forms of startup funding out there. This is often the best chance to secure money to launch your startup. But what does it really mean to accept capital from friends & family for your startup? How does it impact your cap table, and what are the implications for later rounds raised from VCs and other institutional investors?

Webinar: Startup Licensing 101 – Licensing Process & Pre-Agreements

This is part 2 of a 5-part webinar series called Startup Licensing 101: A Resource for Entrepreneurs Working with Companies Originated at Academic Institutions.

For many entrepreneurs, licensing from a university may be a new experience. This series of webinars provides information that will be helpful for academic entrepreneurs contemplating their first (or perhaps subsequent) license from an academic institution. Presented by an attorney who represents many academic startups, including their investors, along with two academic technology transfer veterans, these webinars bring views from both sides of the table and best practices for a fruitful and efficient negotiation.

TTO Strategic Communication Tactics with VCs

As a VC firm partnered with over 100 universities, we get the question from Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs) all the time — how can we best communicate with VCs? While investors have directed more attention to universities for deal flow in recent years (see bar graph below), most VCs don’t have a singular focus on…

Webinar: How OUP Works With Academic Partners

Since its inception in 2009, OUP’s mission has been to foster deep partnerships with universities with three goals in mind: 1) to invest in their spinouts, 2) to help improve technology transfer effectiveness, and 3) to help improve research commercialization by connecting university startups to our network for funding and recruitment opportunities. Please join OUP for an upcoming webinar where we dive into specifics around how we work with our academic partners and continually work to achieve our mission.

Webinar: 2020 Midyear Startup Financing Trends

Join Matt Cohen and David Dorsey of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to understand current market behaviors among startups. This year, we will again discuss general venture activity and investment trends specific to OUP’s university startup network. The panelists will also discuss how COVID-19 has affected investing trends to date.

2018 VC & University Startup Financing Trends

We’re almost halfway through 2018, which means we at Osage University Partners (OUP) again hosted our annual financing trends webinar (last year’s recap). For the 2018 version, our investment team analyzed not only general VC investment trends, but also trends specific to our partner university network of 5,000+ startups. I should mention this blog post only pulls…

Healthcare IT Startups: How to Assess a Maturing Market

The provision of quality cost effective healthcare is one of the most significant challenges facing the U.S. today. Healthcare now accounts for more than one-sixth of the U.S. gross domestic product. According to a report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. healthcare spending reached $3.2 trillion, or $9,990 per person, and hospital…

What’s the Pulse on 2017 Midyear VC Investment?

Every few weeks, Osage University Partners hosts a webinar that dives into a specific technology sector with the intention of helping the technology commercialization professionals at our partner institutions better understand current market behaviors. We realize, however, that financing trends can dramatically shift in only one quarter. We’re past the midyear mark in 2017 and…

Phishing for Answers: A Chat on Cybersecurity Startups

Cyber threats and attacks have arrived in full force. They threaten not only individuals, but corporations and nation states. Within corporations, the types of cyber threats and the various methods of protection have exploded. Universities are rising to the challenge, as the level of research around security detection, prevention, and encryption has significantly increased.  …