Ask a VC: Staffing your Startup

As part of our Ask a VC blog series, we wanted to provide additional insight from the OUP investment team on how to staff your startup company. We spoke with Tech Partner Manny Stockman and Life Science Partner Anurag Agarwal to learn their perspectives on the first strategic business hire, how to incentivize and compensate employees at an early-stage startup, and where to find the right candidate for these roles. While some of their insights were similar, as with all individuals in the venture capital space, they did have differing opinions. The interviewees’ statements below have been edited for clarity and length by Jaimie Testai.

Webinar: Ask a VC (2023)

Do you have a burning question on venture capital you need answered? Join OUP for our fourth annual ‘Ask a VC’ webinar, a session where our partner TTOs can ask Managing Partners Marc Singer and Bill Harrington anything and everything as it pertains to venture capital operations, decision-making, and the current investing environment. Since the…

Webinar: Approaches to Software Licensing

Software-based technologies present challenges to the most experienced university technology managers when it comes to licensing. These technologies are often not patentable, released under an open source license, or the software is frequently rewritten – making the original code less valuable. Therefore, faculty frequently don’t disclose software, and companies commonly avoid licensing software IP from the universities.

2018 VC & University Startup Financing Trends

We’re almost halfway through 2018, which means we at Osage University Partners (OUP) again hosted our annual financing trends webinar (last year’s recap). For the 2018 version, our investment team analyzed not only general VC investment trends, but also trends specific to our partner university network of 5,000+ startups. I should mention this blog post only pulls…

Webinar: Venture Investment in Hardware Startups

Hardware is hard. Large capital requirements, long development timelines, and fickle customers are classic critiques that VCs focus on when evaluating a hardware startup. Yet substantial investments in quantum computing, semiconductors, and additive manufacturing prove that an industry-changing vision with cutting edge technology can overcome investor hesitations about the sector. And while the numbers show that investment dollars into software outpace hardware, the reality is the two keywords no longer separate the industry as many hardware entrepreneurs and investors have learned the benefits of software-enabled “things.” Is the market returning to hardware bets? What do investors want to see in 2018? What are avoidable pitfalls of pitching a hardware story?

Healthcare IT Startups: How to Assess a Maturing Market

The provision of quality cost effective healthcare is one of the most significant challenges facing the U.S. today. Healthcare now accounts for more than one-sixth of the U.S. gross domestic product. According to a report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. healthcare spending reached $3.2 trillion, or $9,990 per person, and hospital…

Webinar: Venture Investment in Healthcare IT Startups

In 2014 venture funding in healthcare IT shattered records, surpassing $4.1 billion, followed by an equally impressive performance in 2015 with $4.5 billion invested in the sector. While investment in digital healthcare cooled slightly in 2016 compared to previous record highs, investment in the sector remains significant with $4.3 billion invested in 2016. It’s a diverse, emerging sector with a barrage of startups competing in a broad marketplace to improve healthcare delivery as the nation’s $3 trillion healthcare delivery system gradually transitions from volume-based to value-based care.