Webinar: Patient Data Licensing, Part 4 | Case Studies

Now that you’ve learned all about patient data (see links to the series below), listen to case studies on actual patient data agreement activities! Our guest panelists, Robin Rasor of Duke University and Nila Bhakuni of Baptist Health, will talk through a few cases they have worked on from their institutions. They will discuss the…

Webinar: LLCs VS Corporations as Startup Structures

The webinar includes a deep dive on each of the following topics: • Governance and structural concerns of LLCs, including organizational documents, founders’ agreements, and management provisions • Tax issues, including partnership provisions and conversion opportunities for LLCs • Investor concerns on LLCs, particularly from the venture capital lens • Accounting issues on tax and…

Webinar: Startup Financing Trends – 2022

Join Manny Stockman and Mitra Miri of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to understand current market behaviors among startups generally and in the university startup ecosystem. OUP draws on its own database of active startup companies from its partner institutions to provide insights total capital and types of capital raised…

Webinar: EIR / MIR Programs at Universities

This webinar covers how three universities share information on their EIR/MIR programs. Topics covered will include how they source these elusive entrepreneurs, the mechanics of managing their programs, and how these programs have set up their startups for success.

Webinar: 2021 Midyear Startup Financing Trends

Join Manny Stockman and Margalit Haber of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to understand current market behaviors among startups. This year, we will again discuss general venture activity and investment trends specific to OUP’s university startup network. The panelists will also include a retrospective look at the impact COVID-19 has had on investing trends to date.

Angel & Accelerator Funding: Continuing the Conversation

In late 2020, OUP hosted a webinar on Angel and Accelerator Funding for University Startups. We reconnected with two of the panelists, Ashok Kamal, Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels, and Jun Axup, Chief Science Officer and Partner of IndieBio, to continue the conversation about angel and accelerator funding in addition to answering some follow-up…

Webinar: Life Science Term Sheets

Over the past year, tech transfer directors from Columbia, Duke, JHU, Penn, MIT, Stanford, and Yale worked with life science VCs from 5AM, Atlas, Polaris, OUP, RA Capital, and Venrock to create a common set of principles for university startup deal negotiations. These principles were captured in two documents: “Recommendations for Term Sheet Structuring”, covering equity, royalties, milestones, sublicensing, know-how royalties, diligence, and other recommendations for creating win-win outcomes; and “Recommendations for Process Improvements”, with recommendations for structuring the negotiation process itself to avoid unnecessary friction, gain buy-in early, and avoid overly long and painful negotiations.

Webinar: Friends & Family Funding for University Startups

For startups in their earliest stages, friends & family is one of the common forms of startup funding out there. This is often the best chance to secure money to launch your startup. But what does it really mean to accept capital from friends & family for your startup? How does it impact your cap table, and what are the implications for later rounds raised from VCs and other institutional investors?