Elementary Robotics

Elementary is a full-stack robotics company tackling machine learning for robot hardware from the ground up. Their goal is to create assistive tools to improve human output of repetitive tasks. Elementary is prioritizing thoughtful design for how humans will interact with robotics in automation environments. The company is founded by industry veterans of IOT, wearables,…


Embodied is an industry leading robotics and AI company creating state-of-the-art companion robots to revolutionize human-centric care and wellness by enhancing quality of life for individuals and families. The company was co-founded by Paolo Pirjanian, former CTO of iRobot (Nasdaq IRBT) and Maja Matarić, chaired professor of Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics at USC.


Everactive brings self-powered intelligence to the physical world. Operating without batteries, the company’s always-on wireless sensors deliver continuous cloud-based analytics at a scale not possible with battery-powered devices. This technology allows for low cost, long-lived, and intelligent instrumentation of industrial operations that have previously been too expensive or dangerous to connect into the Industrial Internet.

Evolv Technologies

Evolv is using metamaterial antenna technology from Duke University to reinvent physical security and help protect people and facilities by fusing innovations across hardware, software, and data disciplines. They are developing powerful, low-cost physical threat detection technology to keep people and places safe across the globe. NASDQ: EVLV


Jibo is a social robotics company focused on developing next generation human-computer interfaces and a disruptive emotive computing platform. The company’s core technology comes from Cynthia Breazeal of the MIT Media Labs, who is the founder and leading researcher in the social robotics space. Jibo aims to build a completely intuitive and pervasive computing system…


Kymeta is pioneering a new software-defined antenna through the use of breakthrough, synthetic, beam-steering materials known as metamaterials. Kymeta’s mTennaTM products simplify satellite connections needed for instant broadband service anywhere in the world, including mobile applications such as planes, trains, boats, and automobiles.


NuMat is focused on creating intelligently engineered products for the industrial gas industry. Their initial product, Ion-X, uses Metal Organic Framework (MOF) material to store gases with greater capacity and safety than standard gas cylinders. In the semiconductor fab industry, where billion dollar foundries need to run continuously, Ion-X is purchased at premium pricing to…