Webinar: Ask a VC (2022)

Natasha Azar /  Jan. 19, 2023


In OUP’s third annual ‘Ask a VC’ webinar, our partner TTOs ask Managing Partners Marc Singer and Bill Harrington anything and everything as it pertains to venture capital operations, decision-making, and the current investing environment. The purpose of this webinar is to answer your questions on venture capital and startups.

Query areas include:

– What should startups look for in their lead investors?

– What are ‘standard’ investment terms these days for startups? Does this vary by Seed vs Series A? – What are the common misconceptions you find that faculty members have about being a company founder?

– What does a well-known PI typically receive for founder’s equity?

– How do SPACs work and what could they mean for university startups?

– What do you find are common misconceptions TTOs have about venture capital?

– What sources of funding most commonly lead to a startup having a later successful venture capital financing round?