Webinar: Fellowship Opportunities for Academic Entrepreneurs

Kayti Mangels /  Oct. 13, 2023


Are you an academic researcher, PI, professor, or graduate student with an interest in entrepreneurship? If so, you should know about two excellent fellowship programs for academic founders.

On September 28 at 2pm ET, OUP hosted a webinar featuring two such programs:

  • Activate is a two-year fellowship that provides early-stage hard-tech science entrepreneurs $100K in research funding, yearly stipends of up to $110K, intensive entrepreneurial training, mentorship, networking, and other benefits. Activate Fellows have raised nearly $1.3B in follow-on funding from leading public and private sources.
    • Apply for Activate here
  • Nucleate on the other hand runs a six-month, equity-free cohort program designed for academic biotech founders called Activator. Over 100 life sciences ventures have participated and raised over $190 million in venture funding. Participating teams refine their scientific discoveries into biotech venture theses and train under Nucleate’s unparalleled network, rigorous curriculum, funded fellowships, legal support, and highly subsidized perks.
    • Apply for Nucleate here