Webinar: Funding and Equity Series, Part 4 | What to Expect When Working with VCs

Kayti Mangels /  Apr. 21, 2023


In the fourth part of OUP’s Funding and Equity webinar series, Mitra Miri and Nii Dodoo-Amoo of OUP discuss what a startup founder should expect when fundraising from venture capital groups. They begin with an overview of how venture capital firms operate to provide context for startup founders before a deep dive into the diligence process at VC firms including:

  • Team evaluation
  • Market opportunity, commercial plan, and operations
  • IP
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Competitive landscape

Part of the discussion also addresses the investment memo VCs draft when conducting diligence for an opportunity. The webinar concluded with a review of the process that takes place once a start-up has received a term sheet from a VC.