Webinar: Funding & Equity Series, Part 6 | Setting Up Boards for Your Startup: Pre-Funding & Post-Funding

Kayti Mangels /  Aug. 25, 2023


The final installment in our Funding and Equity Webinar Series is focused on an important function for your startup – your boards. Bob Adelson and Bill Harrington, Managing Partners at Osage University Partners, will be our panelists. This webinar will cover the following areas:

• When do you need a Board of Directors?
• What is the purpose of the Board of Directors?
• What roles do the Directors play?
• What should the board composition look like at different stages of the company?
• How are the board members recruited and decided on?
• How often do the board meet and what other interactions do the officers in the company have with them?
• What other advisory boards should my company have and what purpose do they serve? • How does compensation work for board members?
• What are the legal aspects of being a board member?

The panelists will also share a typical board meeting for a life sciences company and for a physical sciences company to help the audience understand what the board covers during meetings.