Webinar: Patient Data Licensing, Part 2 | What can we do with the data?

Kayti Mangels /  Mar. 23, 2023


Thank you for joining us for the second part in our Patient Data Licensing Series: What can we do with the data? The panelists, John Plummer of the Vanderbilt Medical Center and Gavin Foltz of Duke University, will review the transfer and protection of patient data via:

• Clinical trial agreements
• Non-clinical industry-nonprofit agreements (sponsored research agreements)
• DUAs and use rights
• BAAs
• Licensing agreements

Part one of our series focused on What is the Data? Our panelists, Nick Gruszauskas of the University of Chicago and David Peloquin of Ropes & Gray, reviewed:

• The types of data and data definitions
• Key statutes associated with patient data
• Policies and processes on data, including:
– Identifiable vs. de-identified
– The consent process and types of consents
– The role of IRB and other stakeholders (oversight committees, ethics, committees, sponsored programs, tech transfer, general counsel, etc.)
• Ownership and use

Watch that session here.

The third part of our series will be on How are academic institutions licensing patient data? This is the nitty-gritty on the licensing considerations for patient data during which your panelists Stephen Gardner of Quarles & Brady and Angela Kujak of The Broad Institute which will cover:

• License structure types
• Valuation
– Use vs incorporation vs productization
• Sublicensing rights
• Reproduction/modification/combination
– PHI considerations/clauses
– Institutional approvals
– Combination products (Data + devices/diagnostics)
– Security measures
– Auditing and liabilities
• Inventorship and revenue distribution

This session will be held in May

Full Series:

1. What is the data? – January 2023
2. What can we do with the data? – March 2023
3. How are academic institutions licensing patient data? – May 2023
4. Case Studies – TBD
5. Q&A – TBD