Webinar: Patient Data Licensing, Part 4 | Case Studies

Kayti Mangels /  Sep. 06, 2023


Now that you’ve learned all about patient data (see links to the series below), listen to case studies on actual patient data agreement activities!

Our guest panelists, Robin Rasor of Duke University and Nila Bhakuni of Baptist Health, will talk through a few cases they have worked on from their institutions. They will discuss the processes the data went through at the universities, how the companies found out about and received the data, the licensing and other agreements processes, and lessons learned. Join us for a practical discussion on how patient data is making its way from academic institutions to companies to help bring forth new life-saving innovations.

Full Series:
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2. What can we do with the data? – March 2023
3. How are academic institutions licensing patient data? – May 2023
4. Case Studies – August 2023 *this session*
5. Q&A – September 2023