Webinar: Recent Legislation and the Startup Landscape – A dive into the CHIPs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act

Kayti Mangels /  Feb. 02, 2023


2022 brought two new pieces of U.S. legislation that potentially provide billions of dollars in spending and tax credits from the federal government to catalyze and incentivize businesses in STEM areas. The CHIPS and Science Act’s intention is to bolster U.S. leadership in semiconductors, promote innovation in wireless supply chains, catalyze regional economic growth and development and provide STEM opportunities to more of America. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 incentivizes businesses to invest in and produce renewable energy and low emission fuels and individuals to make purchases that improve the energy efficiency of their homes and transportation choices.

In this webinar, OUP Senior Analyst Nabil Ullah will discuss the related provisions in the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act that will fuel innovation and their effects on various industries, particularly startups in those industries. Barry Johnson of NSF will discuss the central role his office plays in implementing CHIPS and will welcome questions from academic institutions and startups on how CHIPS could impact them. Michael Waring will provide an overview of what happened to develop these pieces of legislation.