Webinar: Under the Hood – Working with VCs of Life Science Company Formation

Kayti Mangels /  Feb. 09, 2024


Starting companies out of universities is a complex endeavor, but startups can get a head start when done in conjunction with a company formation investor. In this webinar, we heard from three company formation investors in the life sciences:

  • – Deborah Palestrant, Partner, 5AM Ventures and Executive Chair, 4:59 Initiative
    – Jay Lichter, Managing Partner, Avalon BioVentures
    – Vikram Chaudhery, Co-Founder, President & COO of General Inception

Each investor described their fund thesis, what they look for in opportunities arising from academic institutions, and the process of their company formation efforts. We then move on to a series of questions on topics such as talent, sourcing possible investments, working with academics and academic institutions, growing the startup, and successes and failures.