Webinar: How OUP Works With Academic Partners

Since its inception in 2009, OUP’s mission has been to foster deep partnerships with universities with three goals in mind: 1) to invest in their spinouts, 2) to help improve technology transfer effectiveness, and 3) to help improve research commercialization by connecting university startups to our network for funding and recruitment opportunities. Please join OUP for an upcoming webinar where we dive into specifics around how we work with our academic partners and continually work to achieve our mission.

Why work in tech transfer? The pandemic has illustrated why people do.

It’s hard to work, write, or think about anything without the context of COVID-19 these days. Living at the intersection of academic institutions and new ventures, I have daily insights into the plethora of programming at universities intended to advance scientific discoveries and see them translated into practice, especially through the activities of the technology…