Angel & Accelerator Funding: Continuing the Conversation

In late 2020, OUP hosted a webinar on Angel and Accelerator Funding for University Startups. We reconnected with two of the panelists, Ashok Kamal, Executive Director of Tech Coast Angels, and Jun Axup, Chief Science Officer and Partner of IndieBio, to continue the conversation about angel and accelerator funding in addition to answering some follow-up…

Webinar: Angel & Accelerator Funding for University Startups

Join OUP for a webinar discussing models, structures, and best practices in raising pre-seed and seed funding for university startup companies from angels and accelerators. Our panel of experts will review their own models, which are distinct from each other in both the areas in which they invest as well as the additional value they provide. Other topics covered will include raising pre-seed and seed amounts, timing and structures for the raises, how to meet with these types of investors, the roles potentially played by these investors with the startups, and much more.