Webinar: Startup Financing Trends 2024

OUP is pleased to invite you to our annual startup financing trends webinar. Join Harry Won, Nii Dodoo-Amoo and Nabil Ullah of OUP’s investment team for a discussion on startup financing trends to review the state of the venture funding landscape. We’ll cover current market behaviors across the entire startup ecosystem with a specific emphasis…

Webinar: Funding and Equity in University Startups, Part 2 | Basics on Investors – from SBIRs to Strategics

Funding and Equity in University Startups: Basics on Investors – from SBIRs to StrategicsThe intended audience for this webinar is university startup founders, including future founders, and academic technology commercialization groups. Anurag Agarwal and Ajay Rayasam of OUP will review the Basics on Investors – from SBIRs to Strategics and cover the following areas: •…

Webinar: Venture Capital & University Startup Financial Trends of 2018

We’re almost halfway through 2018, which means it is once again time for OUP’s annual financing trends webinar. Which sectors have had the greatest investment and which are facing funding challenges? How do these trends apply to advancing academic technologies? What does the beginning of 2018 imply for the rest of the year and what lies over the horizon?

Webinar: Venture Investment in Hardware Startups

Hardware is hard. Large capital requirements, long development timelines, and fickle customers are classic critiques that VCs focus on when evaluating a hardware startup. Yet substantial investments in quantum computing, semiconductors, and additive manufacturing prove that an industry-changing vision with cutting edge technology can overcome investor hesitations about the sector. And while the numbers show that investment dollars into software outpace hardware, the reality is the two keywords no longer separate the industry as many hardware entrepreneurs and investors have learned the benefits of software-enabled “things.” Is the market returning to hardware bets? What do investors want to see in 2018? What are avoidable pitfalls of pitching a hardware story?