Anurag Agarwal

Life Science


Why OUP?

As a PhD student, I loved thinking and reading about science but didn’t enjoy the focus on a single gene or pathway as part of my PhD thesis. It is truly energizing when in the same week one can engage with leading researchers from oncology to rare disease to neurodegenerative diseases.

Anurag joined OUP in 2017 as an Associate and focuses on life science investments. He has been involved with OUP’s investment in several portfolio companies, including Dracen Pharmaceuticals, Cyteir Therapeutics, Homology Medicines, Escient Therapeutics, Recode Therapeutics, Q32 Bio, Atsena Therapeutics, Interius Therapeutics, and Sonoma Biotherapeutics. Anurag currently serves as a board observer for Dracen Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to joining OUP, Anurag was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group where he worked with healthcare and private equity companies to advise them on corporate growth strategy, business development, portfolio management, and M&A projects. Anurag’s PhD thesis focused on understanding the regulation of cell death in response to DNA damage. During graduate school, Anurag founded SCIMALS to provide scientific and market due diligence service for life science VCs and angel investors. He also advised biotech start-ups in St. Louis area on market research, competitive intelligence, and asset prioritization.

Anurag holds a PhD from Washington University School of Medicine in Molecular Cell Biology and a B.Tech in Biotechnology from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.